What I’ve starred this month: April 28, 2012

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: Study on the barriers that prevent researchers from publishing their code | Software Sustainability Institute – April 27, 2012 FOI Signals on Useful Open Data? « OUseful.Info, the blog… – April 24, 2012 MSDN Blogs – April 24, 2012 Big data in Europe – O’Reilly […]

Generating an OPML RSS bundle from a page of links using Google Spreadsheets

A post demonstrating how you can generate a OPML RSS bundle from a webpage containing a list of blog urls

Google Docs defaults to searching for Creative Commons licensed images. Great, but could they do better?

A feature of Google Docs I wasn’t aware of, that the Insert Image Search automatically filters for Creative Commons released pictures

JISC OER Rapid Innovation: Technical roundup and possible directions #oerri

As the JISC OER Rapid Innovation projects have either started or will start very soon, mainly for my own benefit, I thought it would be useful to quickly summarise the the technical choices and challenges.

Guest Post on Creative Commons UK: Adding Creative Commons to your RSS feeds in Feedburner

Today I have a guest post on the Creative Commons UK blog on Adding Creative Commons to your RSS feeds Looks like they’ve moved it to here. The post outlines how you can add a link and text to a regionalised Creative Commons license to your RSS feed. The solution isn’t ideal and makes the best […]

Pitch for out-of-hours project: Develop a Chrome extension to include Creative Commons license in embed code

Update: Looking at OpenAttribute which looks like it does some of this. I’ll probably spend my time on something different instead  Right now it feels like I’m getting more ideas than time to develop them. So that I don’t waste more time with ill thought out ideas like ‘spreadembed’ (what was I thinking ;), this […]

Revisiting: Experiment to dynamically timeline media posted on Twitter using Topsy and Timeline

Another look at feeding the Timeline tool developed by Verite using media extract from tweets by Topsy. This time the spreadsheet template is designed to be more flexible so that anyone can use it.

Crowdsourced funding: Open education for the people, by the people

So public money is tight (but doesn’t have to be if you are a believer in Modern Monetary Theory) and in an ever-changing world funding bodies and individuals are looking for new ways to get the cash to the right people. JISC Elevator Recently JISC piloted the JISC Elevator which is a platform for people […]

Experiment to dynamically timeline media posted on Twitter using Topsy and Timeline (my contribution to @Arras95) #arras95

Update: New version of this spreadsheet template here There’s a new kid on the block if you are considering an open source timeline tools. For a long time the Simile Exhibit Timeline tool has been the tool of choice appearing in places like Freebase.com (click on Timeline in this page to see a history of […]

Notes on generating live wordclouds from Yahoo Pipes using D3.js

The JISC OER Rapid Innovation projects are all quickly finding their feet and most are already fully embracing the open innovation model and blogging their progress. Having attended the programme start-up meeting on the 26th March 2012 and speaking to most of the projects there’s rich pickings for me to blog about over the next […]