By @mhawksey

Fast-tracking feedback: Google Apps Script user interface training material [Release 2]

Note: This is a personal post made outwith my current employment at JISC CETIS

Back in May 2011 Tony Hirst looked at the Visual UI Editor For Google Apps Script and commented that he thought before long I would have posted something about it. Well almost a year later here’s what I’ve got for you.  As part of the Fast-tracking feedback project (funded by the LSIS Leadership in Technology grant) with Loughborough College I ran a training session at the beginning of the month to help staff learn about user interface construction in Google Apps Script. The session follows on one of my earlier blog posts releasing some code to batch fill in Google Docs from a spreadsheet of feedback comments. As part of the session I produced a step-by-step guide for creating a Google Sites based form/gadget that could read and write data to a spreadsheet. As part of the project this guide is available for re-use using the link below. Before you download/use a couple of things worth bearing in mind:

Introduction to Google Apps Script: Custom Interfaces Guide

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