What I’ve starred this month: February 28, 2012

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: Creating Animated Bubble Charts in D3 Jim Vallandingham – February 27, 2012 Learning a craft « Expedient Means – February 25, 2012 < you should definitely read this wobble: New – JISC Advance Funding for the FE and Skills sector – February 20, 2012 Crowd-Sourced Learning Platform […]

#CETIS12 Social Network Analysis & Data Visualisation: Past, Present and Future #ukoer #infovis Presentation

This week I’ll be at the CETIS Conference in Nottingham presenting some of the work done as part of the OER Visualisation Project. Here are my OER Visualisation slides (embedded below) To add some context, there were a couple of things floating in my head when I put this together. First, you’ll see the influence […]

Introducing a RSS social engagement tracker in Google Apps Script #dev8d

For my session at Dev8D I got delegates building a RSS social engagement tracker similar to PostRank (Slides here) [Note to self: Too much coding for the room. Doh!]. Initially I was going to use my Fast-tracking feedback example for this session but forever wanting to make my life difficult decided late on to come […]

Dev8D Introduction to Google Apps Script Session: This is what you’ll be making (well the start of)

Today at Dev8D from 3-4pm participants of my introduction to Google Apps Script workshop will be making the beginnings of a PostRank style social engagement tracker (example report embedded below). I’ll be releasing slides and code after the session (Slides here and full code here).

OER Visualisation Project: Fin [day 40.5]

This is the final official post (a little late than expected) for the OER Visualisation Project. In this post I’ll summaries the work and try and answer the questions originally raised in the project specification. Over the course of the project there have been 17 blog posts, including this one, listed at the end and […]

OER Visualisation Project: The heart and pulse of #ukoer [day 40]

It’s the last day of the OER Visualisation Project and this is my penultimate ‘official’ post. Having spent 40 days unlocking some of the data around the OER Programme there are more things I’d like to do with the data, some loose ends in terms of how-to’s I still want to document and some ideas […]

OER Visualisation Project: The heart of #ukoer [day 37]

Last week I started to play with the #ukoer hashtag archive (which has generated lots of useful coding snippets to processes the data that I still need to blog … doh!). In the meantime I thought I’d share an early output. Embedded below is a zoom.it of the #ukoer hashtag community. The sketch (HT @psychemedia) […]

OER Visualisation Project: Exploring automated reporting using linked data and R/Sweave/R2HTML [day 36]

I’m in the final stretch of the OER Visualisation project. Recently reviewing the project spec I’m fairly happy that I’ll be able to provide everything asked for. One of the last things I wanted to explorer was automated/semi-automated programme reporting from the PROD database. From early discussions with CETIS programme level reporting, particularly of technology […]