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Free the tweets! Export TwapperKeeper archives using Google Spreadsheet

Dec 8th, 2011: Transition update
Twapper Keeper’s archiving is now available in HootSuite! As a result, we will be shutting down Twapper Keeper. Existing archives will be kept running until Jan 6, 2012, after which you will not be able to access your archives anymore.
Thanks for using TwapperKeeper – we look forward to seeing you at HootSuite.

Noooo I hear you cry. I know a lot of academic staff use did use the Twitter archiving service TwapperKeeper to archive tweets from events and conferences. Whilst often these archives are usually only used for quick post event summaries I think there is a lot more value to be gained from these resources. They are rich records of ideas and resources, shared within the instant but too often forgotten.
In projects iTitle and TAGSExplorer I’ve been exploring how these archives can be brought back to life so it is a great shame to see that TwapperKeeper will soon be no more. As staff consider new alternatives to keep archives of their events (you might want to consider my Google Spreadsheet solution, it’s free and your to control!) here’s a way to export your existing TwapperKeeper archives.
Inspired by LIBREAS.Library Grab your TwapperKeeper Archive before Shutdown! I’ve developed a Google Spreadsheet to export TwapperKeeper Archives. Here’s how:

  1. Open this Google Spreadsheet and click File > Make a copy (if this is greyed out you need to be logged in to Google first)
  2. Enter the archive name, type and the number of results you want to get in cells B9 to B11
  3. Click  the button ‘Get the archive!’

[Note: this solution works for archives of a 15,000 tweets or less]
If you need more archives make more copies of the spreadsheet.
Please share so that we can free the tweet!
Update: Having read Brian Kelly’s post on the Responding to the Forthcoming Demise of TwapperKeeper it occurred to me that some coordination might be required. So if you use this template could you publish a copy (File > Share > Anyone who has the link can view and File > Publish to the web) of the spreadsheet and leave a note of where it is using this form which is embedded below (responses can be seen here):

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