NodeGL: An online interactive viewer for NodeXL graphs uploaded to Google Spreadsheet

Recently Tony (Hirst) tipped me off about a new viewer for Gephi graphs. Developed by Raphaël Velt it uses JavaScript to parse Gephi .gefx files and output the result on a HTML5 canvas. The code for the viewer is on github available under a MIT license if you want to download and remash, I’ve also […]

What I’ve starred this month: November 28, 2011

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: The Ed Techie: Yeah, but who pays? – November 24, 2011 University benchmark for the use of technology in modules – Edinburgh Napier University – November 24, 2011 What Are Your Plans for All That Student Data? | Inside Higher Ed – November 24, 2011 […]

Using wiki markup to format html emails in Google Apps Script using Remy Sharp’s wiki2html

One of the first tutorials I did when starting with Google Apps Script was the Simple Mail Merge tutorial. Since then some of the Google Apps Script top contributors guest posted 4 ways to do Mail Merge using Google Apps Script. Today when I was trying to solve my own html email problem I decided […]

Google Spreadsheet to NodeXL to Google Spreadsheet to Web

Earlier today I said: @mhawksey Martin Hawksey Uploaded data from NodeXL to Google Spreadsheet then rendered edges in browser. 203 nodes 1913 edges processed okay For a bit more detail on how I did it. I used my TAGS template to capture tweets from the #IIE2011 event yesterday. This template includes a summary sheet […]

EDGESExplorer: Simple force layout diagrams from edge lists stored in Google Spreadsheets [NodeXL Gephi]

When I initially pushed TAGSExplorer to the world one of the first reactions I got was from my friend Tony Hirst who suggested having a simple version which let users select two columns to generate a force layout diagram (that’s what I think he was suggesting anyway ;). I’ve played around with other ways to […]

TAGSExplorer: Queryable Twitter archive exploration with Google Visualization API Query Language integration

Since pushing out my Twitter archive visualisation tool, TAGSExplorer, it nice to see people are already pushing out tweets for their own archives. After a full on development period of a couple of weeks, TAGSExplorer is reasonably stable but like most other web services there is some continual tweaking going on behind the scenes. One […]

Sentiment Analysis of tweets: Comparison of ViralHeat and Text-Processing Sentiment APIs

So I make yet another foray into a world that I know little about, potentially making statements that are factually incorrect or just stupid, but I do so hoping that I can share some of my discoveries. All the data is available for your own analysis and comments are open if you want to put […]

Turning Google+1’s (Plus Ones) into Tweets (re-enabling my share workflow in Google Reader)

Would it surprise you that since I’ve fallen out with Google Reader, we’re on a trail separation (I’m having a fling with Tiny Tiny RSS) that we’re back together again. We’ve got some new ground rules though, the main one being when I Google +1 a news item it should also hit my Twitter feed. […]

Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation

The use of Twitter to collecting tweets around an event hashtag allowing participants to share and contribute continues to grow and has even become part of mass media events, various TV shows now having and publicising their own tag. This resource is often lost in time, only tiny snippets being captured in blog posts or […]

You can be the best teacher in the world but is that what is expected?

Some students didn’t take well to Steven Maranville’s teaching style at Utah Valley University. They complained that in the professor’s “capstone” business course, he asked them questions in class even when they didn’t raise their hands. They also didn’t like it when he made them work in teams. Those complaints against him led the university […]

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