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Lost in format: html, rss, pdf, email, epub, mobi, Kindle It ~:-s

This morning I’ve managed to confuse myself over which are the best formats and ways to publish this blog. So in this post I review what I already use and show how you can embed ePub, mobi and Kindle links into your blog using the Kindle It service.
I’ve always been interested in discovering new ways to automatically publish in as many different formats. I can’t remember in which order these developments came about but there was:

This is where I start getting confused. As I’m not an ebook reader user I don’t really know the best way for you to consume my content. Maybe you use the free Calibre ebook management software to convert your favourite sites into ebook format and sync with your device? Maybe there is a Kindle service you use to do this?
I’ve gone through a couple of ebook services in the past. First there was FeedBooks which you could get a RESTful url to the latest posts from your RSS feed in mobi/ePub/Kindle formats (this feature was pulled by feedbooks). Then I experimented with NewsToEbook, but this takes you off site unless you manually update the links to the cached output. Recently I had quick look at which has a widget you can drop in to your website (or you could do something with the dotepub API), but you are limited to ePub format.
Instead I’ve returned to another offering called Kindle It. Here’s why:

If you’d like to use Kindle It on your own site below is the snippet of code I used which automatically passes the current page url to Kindle It. Update: I’ve written this little widget which I can call with <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
So you ebook users does this option work for you or is there a better way?

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