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Guidelines for blended events (online and face to face)

One of our supported institutions recently asked if I knew of or had any guidelines for organisers planning to run blended events (extending the value of face-to-face events by giving access to a remote audience). I didn’t find anything that entirely fitted the bill but as I’ve arranged, helped and participated in a number of these types of events I’ve done a bit of a brain dump and below is a draft of what I’ve come up with. I’d really welcome any feedback of suggestions you have (you can leave comments in this post or edit the document in Google Docs) Update: Thanks for the contributions so far from Kirsty Pitkin (@eventamplifier) and Alan Lavine (@cogdog)

Guidelines for blended events (online and face to face)

Increasingly event organizers are turning to hybrid events which blend face-to-face with an online audience to maximize impact/amplification and reduce costs for attendees. This guide is designed to identify a number of factors that event organisers should consider before running events and covers a number of areas from technical considerations to the format of the event.
In the planning stages of a blended event, organisers need to make a decision about how the physical and virtual audience will be treated. This is important as from the very beginning you need to manage the expectations of those attending. The main decision to make is will the remote audience be actively integrated into the event or treated as passive observers. There are a number of factors to consider before deciding at which part of the spectrum, in terms of active to passive, the event is going to be. One factor is scale. With large events it becomes increasingly difficult to moderate the audience and engage in effective dialogue in terms of what is happening in the physical and virtual spaces.

Before you start

Technical specification

Event registration and information


During the event

The level of involvement with the physical and virtual audience is very dependent on the type of event you want to run. It is perfectly legitimate to run an event designed only to stream sessions from the venue. The key if using this option is to manage remote delegates expectation of the how the event will be run. The following are suggested factors to consider (some may not apply to your event):

After the event


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