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New JISC Legal and JISC Techdis training and support programmes

JISC Legal and JISC Techdis have recently announced two new training and support programmes. Below is a copy of the text that is being circulated via email:

Launch of new training service – JISC Legal Plus

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new training service, JISC Legal Plus.

What is JISC Legal Plus?

JISC Legal Plus is a new training service delivering practical staff development packages on ICT law.  It’s been created in response to the growing demand for tailored, in-house training in this area.

What will we do?

We’ll be delivering in-house workshops and presentations directly to institutions.  Our topics will include copyright, FOI, data protection and e-safety – the key issues that we’re most commonly asked to provide guidance on.

How will we do it?

We’ll be delivering presentations, interactive workshops and remote training via webinar.  Our staff development packages will cater to a range of learning styles and will employ the latest multi-media technologies.  We will cater to groups of all sizes. 

Who is it for?

We’ll be delivering in-house training to a range of professional groups, including managers, administrators, ICT staff, lecturers, researchers, librarians and compliance officers.  If you or your team need to keep up-to-date on ICT law as part of your role, then you’ll benefit from our training.  If you think your in-house CPD Officer would be interested in our service, then please direct them to the JISC Legal Plus section of our website.

What are our aims?

Further Information

To view our full list of workshops and prices, or to make an enquiry, please visit:

JISC Techdis: Accessible IT Practice Support Programme

You may already know of, or already use, many of the highly respected resources/techniques promoted by JISC Techdis itself or indirectly through partner organisations. But you may not know that JISC Techdis has over the last few months been bringing its resources together in order to now be able to offer institutions a support programme. This programme is designed to:

The Accessible IT Practice Support Programme ( will be an easy way to discover the resources of the Service and provides an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to improve their ability to meet the needs of all learners and other users in today’s technology driven world. You may find the Accessible IT Practice flyer useful for your own information and distribution channels

The programme, which can also lead to City & Guilds ITQ accreditation, provides an ideal platform for raising awareness of inclusion issues at the same time as developing the skills to create more inclusive teaching and learning environments.

Please feel free to circulate this email widely, if you Tweet about it then please use the hashtag #ITQsupport and the short url

Here is the full press release about the Accessible IT Practice Support Programme

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