What I’ve starred this month: June 28, 2011

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: Penn Students Leave School to Launch CourseKit With $1 Million Seed Round – June 27, 2011 – (it’ll never work) How Consumer Technology & User-Generated Content Are Changing Ed-Tech – June 26, 2011 #coursedata: making the most of course information – June 24, 2011 CongenT […]

What you can’t do with Gmail and Document Services now available in Apps Script

Google recently announce Gmail and Document Services now available in Apps Script, which wasn’t a huge surprise as they had already announced it at the Google I/O and I had picked up on it in Automating your inbox with Google Apps Script. So when asked if I could create a gadget to sit in a […]

How to Scoop.it from Google Reader (2 ways)

I’ve avoided the whole Twitter newspaper type services like paper.li/Tweeted Times and when I see one published in my timeline the only time I click through to see what’s in it is when I’m mentioned as a source. So yesterday when I saw Brian Kelly was suggesting to his colleagues to look at the one […]

Academic Uses of Social Media

I can’t remember how but (It was via Joss Winn’s shared Google Reader posts – which makes this post somewhat circular) a link to a recent Harvard University seminar on Academic Uses of Social Media: Exploring 21st Century Communications ended up in my in tray via John Naughton’s Memex 1.1 blog. I always find it […]

Protovis Twitter Community Visualizations from a Google Spreadsheet (eAssessment Scotland delegate network)

If you are reading this post on my blog (with a browser other than Internet Explorer) here is a Twitter network diagram for eAssessment Scotland 2011: This is a slight variation on my previous post (Ported: Tony Hirst’s Using Protovis to Visualise Twitter Connections to Google Spreadsheet with Embeddable Gadget) in that instead of using […]

New JISC Legal and JISC Techdis training and support programmes

JISC Legal and JISC Techdis have recently announced two new training and support programmes. Below is a copy of the text that is being circulated via email: Launch of new training service – JISC Legal Plus We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new training service, JISC Legal Plus. What is JISC Legal Plus? […]

Ported: Tony Hirst’s Using Protovis to Visualise Twitter Connections to Google Spreadsheet with Embeddable Gadget

Update: The Social Graph API has been deprecated by Google and Protovis is no longer being developed. I’ve revisited this recipe using new tools in Deprecated Bye-bye Protovis Twitter Community Visualizer: Hello D3 Twitter Community Visualizer with EDGESExplorer Gadget RT @psychemedia: How do folk who send you twitter messages connect? http://bit.ly/dNoKGK < see address bar […]

Getting your message out: Embedding social media buttons in emailed event and press release information

Update: In this post I mention making the custom urls is a bit cumbersome so I’ve made this simple online tool to help (experimental so if it doesn’t work let me know 😉 Previously I’ve highlighted the quantifiable value in embedding social media in the marketing strategies for courses. This focused on the benefits of […]