By @mhawksey

Automating your inbox with Google Apps Script

So I realise over the last 6-12 months I’ve been doing a lot of Google Apps Script posts (this is the cloud based programmable stuff). I realise there is a danger you’ll think I’m a fully signed up Google employee, but I’m not (although their jelly beans are very nice), I just see a huge amount of potential for education in terms of utilising the cloud to rapidly develop stuff to do some interesting stuff.

If you don’t believe me the Google I/O 2011: Developing Apps, Add Ins and More with Apps Script talk highlights some really interesting developments. I’ve already highlight the new online interface designer, which Tony has done a better job of showing (the video gives more detail on how it can be used). The most interesting part was the announcement that the Google Apps Script service is going to be extended to allow you to interface Gmail.

With this you’ll be able to interact with your inbox searching for messages, iterate across emails and even reply and mark items as read. Combined with existing Apps Script services to convert files and even zip them up before attaching open up a wide field of uses.

Anyway to help you navigate the 45minute session I’ve dusted off my Twitter/YouTube commenting app (uTitle) and highlighted a couple of interesting parts of the clip (if you are reading this via RSS visit the clip here):

[utitle mode=2 comment=yes]DOih39gu0xw[/utitle]

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