By @mhawksey

How Flexible is your Learning?

With continued question-marks about the financial sustainability of tertiary education it is interesting to see how the educational landscape continues to change. As the tectonic plates of funders and providers continue to move apart, a new landscape is emerging. This new territory has not yet been tarnished with the impurities of profit or politics but instead is rich in the fundamental element of what we do, learning.
You only need look at ideas like the “Alternative Art College” which has seen art student Paul Stewart hold seminars in his own living room, backed by university staff prepared to donate their own time. Alternatively why not participate in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in mobile learning.  MOOCs are designed to let people of all abilities engage is a semi-structured course, participating in online activities, constructing and sharing learning.
You could argue none of this is really new, learning has always and will continue to happen despite our attempts to subsume it into the ‘establishment’, but for me it is interestingly to see how technology is being used to empower learners.

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