Populating a Twitter List via Google Spreadsheet … Automatically! [Hashtag Communities]

Previously in  Google Apps Script: Using a Google Spreadsheet to populate a Twitter list [Hashtag Communities] I show how you can use Google Spreadsheets to populate a Twitter list. A comment on this post by Colin Gray got me thinking, instead of having to drop a list of usernames from another source, what if the […]

What I’ve starred this month: November 28, 2010

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: How I Planned a Successful Unconference in 6 hours – and You Can Too – November 27, 2010 – Some great tips on how to agilely setup a conference. In particular I liked the use of the free-for-free events service Eventbrite to handle payment by […]

Google Apps Script: Using a Google Spreadsheet to populate a Twitter list [Hashtag Communities]

Update: I’ve revised this idea in Populating a Twitter List via Google Spreadsheet … Automatically! [Hashtag Communities] Having recently rediscovered the joys of Google Apps Script I was looking for something to do after my Event Manager Spreadsheet. A couple of ideas I had were: something to do with linked data (possibly a email subscription list); […]

The best Google Spreadsheet Event Manager (w/h Sites, Contact, Calendar integration) ever, ever, ever

Update 21/12/2015: As many may have gathered I haven’t maintained this solution and some of the code may be broken. You are free to re-use the code shared in this post. You might also be interested in this Event Manager Google Add-on  by Romain Vialard made to administer events using Google Sheets to manage event […]

ALT-C 2010 Keynotes get a ‘Tweet Track’ with help from RSC Scotland North & East

In the last edition of RSC NewsFeed we posted Farewell Lectures? Donald Clark Stirs it Up which highlighted Donald Clark’s “Don’t lecture me” keynote from ALT-C 2010. In this post we directed you to a related post on the Learning Conversations blog which mentioned that there was a lot of backchannel dialogue during Donald’s presentation by delegates […]

Entice with a bit of Spice: SpicyNodes Mind Mapping and Visualisation Tool

Regular reader of RSC NewsFeed will probably know that we have a fondness towards mind mapping. Recently we came across SpicyNodes which lets you create and present nice ‘floaty’ interactive mind maps. Whilst SpicyNodes doesn’t have the same level of online editing as the likes of Mindmeister, it more than makes up with its visual […]

Report: US Department of Education – Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in On-Line Education

The US Department of Education have recently published a report which analysed the findings of over 1000 empirical studies of online learning published between 1996 and July 2008.  The report has concluded that In recent experimental and quasi-experimental studies contrasting blends of online and face-to-face instruction with conventional face-to-face classes, blended instruction has been more […]

The fall and rise of the webinar/web conference

[flickr]4664765249[/flickr] In the last couple of weeks my aggregation channels have been gently humming to the sound of webinars. It seems a number of institutions are rediscovering the possibilities of these tools to support flexible delivery (and no doubt cut costs allow the reallocation of staff time to enhance the learner experience). This post is […]

iTitle: Full circle with Twitter subtitle playback in YouTube (ALT-C 2010 Keynotes)

In March 2009 Tony Hirst posted a solution for Twitter Powered Subtitles for Conference Audio/Videos on Youtube. A year and a half later, numerous evenings tweaking code, lots of support, advice and promotion from Tony, Brian Kelly and others, and we have come full circle. What began for me as a method to playback real-time […]