Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants for FE (SWaNI)

This post is mainly for staff at FE colleges in the Scotland North & East region

As part of JISC’s Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants a call has been published just for FE colleges in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (See Grant 10/10: Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants: SWaNI FE). The deadline for submissions is 9th November 2010. With these grants:

JISC wishes to fund projects of up to one year that fit with the vision, outcomes and principles of the JISC e-Learning programme and support innovative approaches to learning and teaching.

There are a couple of points highlighted by my colleague Lis Parcell at RSC Wales worth remembering:

  • this call is very unusual in being ring fenced for FE in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: it’s a great opportunity!
  • that there should be a pedagogic justification for a project: technological innovation needs to be driven by institutional need and also be capable of making an impact on the sector as a whole.
  • there have been five earlier rounds of these grants, and it would be useful to look at some of the successful projects
  • Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant calls are unusual in having a two-stage bidding process, so you can ‘test the water’ with a proposal without going to the extent of writing a full bid straight off

If you are interested in submitting a proposal there are a number of ways our RSC (and the wider JISC Services family) can help. In terms of resources as well as the recording of the online townhall meeting and resulting FAQ document you might find this interview with Kevin Brace and associated resources on funding useful.

Our RSC can also help in your bid proposal in a number of other ways including:

  • reviewing a draft proposal
  • highlighting existing projects/research related to your bid
  • sitting on your project steering groups
  • incorporated into your proposals dissemination plan

For any advice please contact us.

I’m sure you have lots of ideas for projects and it is always best to apply for funding for something you were going to do anyway but if you need some ideas you could:



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