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RSC-MP3: HE Update Aug 2010: Funding

Welcome the the return of RSC-MP3. The RSC-MP3 series has evolved over time and in it’s latest incarnation I’m re-joined by Kevin Brace in his new role of Associate Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at Aston University.
We had a long old catch up/information sharing session and over the next couple of months I’m going to chuck our conversation, pulling out information you might find useful. For our first chuck we talk about funding, in particular JISC funding for educational and institutional projects. Kevin talks about his recent experience of submitting an unsuccessful bid which was going to collect international best practice in e-Portfolios and I talk about my experience on the other end as a bid marker.
The podcast is available via the usual methods and as a variation on the SoundCloud timeline commenting I’ve used my own uTitle to bookmark the audio uploaded to Vimeo. If you have a Twitter account please feel free to add your own comments.

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RSC-MP3: HE Update August 2010 – Funding (on uTitle)

Duration: 26 minutes
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Additional resources
Here are links to materials from the ‘Bid writing for e-Learning projects’ hosted by RSC West Midlands which contains links to resources produced by Professor Mark Stiles on Bidding-DOs_and_DONTs and Feedback on HE in FE Bids which is “an analysis of recent unsuccessful bids from a bidding round which highlighted a number of key problem areas with applications”.
Also linked to from this page is RSC Northwest guidance on bid writing tool which headlines some questions you should ask yourself before planning and submitted funding proposals [biggest tip I can give is to read the marking criteria/weighting].
You might also find the RSC Wales Quick Guide to Funding useful particularly the section on ‘Resources from Funding event 6 July 2010’ section which an overview of the JISC bidding process and some tips and tricks.
To get an idea of funding available from JISC over the next 12 months they recently released the Roadmap of future grant funding and Roadmap of Future Invitations to Tender [for fans of Twitter we use the @rsc_ne_scotland account to tweet funding calls (as well as news/events from other JISC Services)].
JISC also allowed open access to the Programme Information Management System (PIMS). This was previously available to “JISC Executive staff only and is a record of all JISC-funded programmes and projects, from the year 2000 onwards”.
More information about the JISC Elevator proposal as a new funding mechanism is available on the mock-up site. If you want to leave feedback on this idea:

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