What I’ve starred this week: August 31, 2010

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: The Great Big Spreadsheet of All Known Android Devices Everywhere – August 27, 2010 Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education – August 26, 2010 What are Learning Analytics? – August 25, 2010 Announcing yourTwapperKeeper – archive your […]

MASHe Monthly (Email Newsletter and Template)

It’s fair to say I’m keen to get my message out any which way. As well as the blogging staples of RSS feeds I also have a print-friendly PDF Magazine version and a eBook addition in various formats (EPUB | Mobipocket/Kindle | PDF).  For a while I’ve also give an option to sign up for […]

RSC-MP3: HE Update Aug 2010: Funding

Welcome the the return of RSC-MP3. The RSC-MP3 series has evolved over time and in it’s latest incarnation I’m re-joined by Kevin Brace in his new role of Associate Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at Aston University. We had a long old catch up/information sharing session and over the next couple of months I’m going […]

What I’ve starred this week: August 24, 2010

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: A Framework for Teaching with Twitter – The Chronicle of Higher Education < w/h Twitter Adoption Matrix – August 23, 2010 Survey Results: Mobile learning for ELT – August 19, 2010 JISC Scoping Study – request for FE contacts using multimedia – August 20, 2010 […]

Material to support Tony Hirst’s (@psychemedia’s) promotion

[flickr]4582668985[/flickr] If you are a regular reader of this blog you’ve probably noticed that a lot of my work is directly influenced by Dr Tony Hirst at the Open University. Tony is currently Crowd Sourcing a Promotion Case… so rather than filling in his impact form I thought I would openly acknowledge how his cutting […]

The inevitable ‘Death of Google Wave’ post

[flickr]2335998230[/flickr] Having written and presented a fair bit on Google Wave over the last year I couldn’t let the news that Google were pulling the plug pass without comment. In the beginning … It all started with such optimism back in May/June 2009 when I posted Google Wave – Opportunities for communication, collaboration and social […]

What I’ve starred this week: August 10, 2010

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: Interface: Innovation Voucher Scheme – Scottish Funding Council – August 10, 2010 University Must Disclose Raw Research Data > JISC Legal > View Detail – August 9, 2010 Why We Need To Abolish Software Patents – August 7, 2010 SmartBar Combines the Best Android Utilities […]

Reliving ALT-C 2009 keynotes with preserved tweets

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend ALT-C this year and will have to muddle on as a remote delegate, primarily surfing the conferencing twitter stream. Brian Kelly posted about the Use of Twitter at the ALTC 2009 Conference last year and by all accounts if ALT are able to video stream the keynotes again […]

Something about the value of your institutions website (and how you might improve it)

The image above from xkcd.com webcomic was doing the rounds on Friday. I’m sure you recognise parts of your institution’s own website in this diagram, in particular I usually find more joy in finding faculty members phone/email addresses on Google rather than on the official site. A couple of tools which sprung to mind when […]

What I’ve starred this week: August 3, 2010

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this week: Mobile-friendly: The mobile web optimization guide – Opera Developer Community – August 2, 2010 Scotland urged to consider student fees if cap is raised south of the border – July 30, 2010 So-Called “Digital Natives” Not Media Savvy, New Study Shows – July 29, 2010 […]

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