By @mhawksey

JISC RSC ‘mashed’ the BBC iPlayer

“Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning” this is the strap-line for the JISC Regional Support Centres and you can see its influence in all the work we do to support the sector from projects like EduApps, to advice like creating accessible e-book for free and to events like ‘Stepping into the Future’ which is looking at games based learning in building and construction.

Occasionally at the RSC we like to take you to the extreme, to the very edge of what technology currently offers in the enhancement of teaching and learning. An example of this comes from the RSC Scotland North & East Higher Education blog (MASHe), which recently presented a method for replaying twitter discussions within the BBC iPlayer. The video below shows a sample of the result in action:

This example builds on work by Tony Hirst at the Open University who has developed a number of solutions for adding captions to YouTube videos from tweets and complements work by the BBC on Subtitles + Internet = Advanced TV and is a demonstration of how back-channel communication, like twitter, could be re-used for content enhancement. 

The post has generated a flurry of interest in both education and media including a comment from ‘Auntie’

Click here for Twitter powered subtitles for BBC iPlayer

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