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RSC-MP3: HE Update Jan 2010

RSC-MP3 is a monthly audio podcast highlighting some Higher Education focused e-learning news, interviews and resources brought to you by Kevin Brace (JISC RSC West Midlands) and Martin Hawksey (JISC RSC Scotland North and East). As ever we have summarised links to the various topics we discuss and indicate the timestamps so you can jump straight to our insightful repertoire. You can listen to this podcast on your computer, or when “on the move” by adding it to your ipod playlist. Here is an archive of our recordings, which is also available on iTunes.

An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which ‘presents’ a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability. Sutherland and Powell (2007)

Widening participation, lifelong learning, employability, these are some of the reasons why e-portfolios are being used more widely in our institutions to support teaching and learning. In our first RSC-MP3 of 2010 we practice what we preach, Martin highlighting some of his recent reflections on his own ‘purposefully aggregation of digital items’, reviewing some of his blog posts from the last 18 months. As part of this we discuss mobile technology, looking at the continue rise of the mobile phone and the ‘flat-line’ of student-owned netbooks. Continuing the theme of ‘power in your pocket’, Martin highlights the evolving area of using student owned devices (including mobile phones) for ‘Ask the Audience’ style voting interaction.
Having practiced what we preach, we preach some more with Kevin highlighting the JISC RSC West Midlands new e-portfolio “try before you buy” project. The University of Southampton’s embryonic eFolio project is highlighted as best pracice, which has used gap analysis and user centred design principals to integrate existing university e-systems into a bespoke e-portfolio platform, using a number of open source tools as the glue. Continuing our look at open source solutions Kevin discusses how you can get the most out of Moodle using custom themes.
For this months podcast Martin also interviews Susi Peacock discussing how Queen Margaret University (QMU) have implemented their campus-wide e-portfolio solution, PebblePad.  Susi talks about QMUs journey from adoption to integration, describing how local championing of e-portfolios has evolved into programme level integration extending beyond the institution through alumni access and professional body support. Click here for the interview with Susi Peacock.
HE Update January 2010
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