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It is the Season for ICT strategies

BBC Technology Strategy

BBC Technology Strategy Cover Two major ICT strategies have been announced recently. Spencer Piggot, Head of Technology Direction at the BBC, announced the BBC Technology Strategy, which will be used for the next 2 to 5 years. This document reflects four key areas:

The core building blocks – Ensuring the BBC has sustainable networking, telephony, storage and other core services which are needed to support the growing demand across the BBC.

Being connected and collaborative – Breaking down the technology barriers to allow our partners to easily work with the BBC and support for flexible and remote working.

Fostering Innovation – Embracing the growing capabilities of consumer devices for professional use and ensuring that innovative technology is able to be developed and grown within the BBC.

Delivering Value – Minimising customisation across technology, driving standardisation and use of commercial off the shelf products as much as possible.

Click here for BBC Technology Principles and Strategy Document

Government ICT Strategy

On the same day as the BBC announcement the Cabinet Office announced the Government ICT Strategy. Key measures of this strategy include:

Click here for the Cabinet Office ICT Strategy announcement

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