By @mhawksey

JISC Winter Fayre: Voting and Google Wave Presentations

Things have been quite on the blogging front as we dug out the tinsel to celebrate all things JISC at our Winter Fayre. We managed to squeeze almost 30 different keynotes, workshops and sessions into the day, including two by yours truly.
I had the honour of presenting a short overview of electronic voting present and future in ‘Ask the Audience’ and an opportunity to showcase, what has become a highly honed, Google Wave intro and overview.
I’ve attached both PowerPoints I used below which you are free to pick over and reuse if you like. Just to remind our supported institutions I am available for weddings, birthdays and staff development events (if you are not supported directly by us we are open to offers particularly if they require going to warmer climes 😉
[Both these presentations embed Flash into PowerPoint. To view when prompted you need to enable the content]

Ask The Audience *.ppt (3Mb)

Google Wave 101 *.ppt (1.4Mb)
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