By @mhawksey

If Outlook was my idea …

If MS Outlook was my idea I would make it easy to read and edit all my social networks, VLEs, PLEs from my inbox.

Email 2.0 – App friendly by mhawksey (click to enlarge)
Perhaps not a completely original idea but recent developments might this happen sooner rather than later. Google are already exploring what is possible from with Google Wave. The model they are developing not only makes it possible to interact with other sites from your inbox (like reading searching and posting twitter updates), but also makes ‘waves’ embeddable elsewhere.
Mozilla, the developers behind Firefox, are already looking at a new communication platform, codenamed Raindrop, and if you look at some of the prototype sketches a similar theme of ‘one app to interact with them all’ is evident.

Currently, MS Outlook is the first application I fire up in the morning and the last I switch off at night, but for how much longer …

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