By @mhawksey

School of Everything

There is an ongoing debate about the position of further and higher education institutions in a world of increased openness where access to high quality educational resources and communities of learners. Ultimately these institutions will undoubtedly continue to exist in some form as places which structure and accredit learning, but it is an ever changing world. A case in point is the social learning network site ‘School of Everything’:

School of Everything is a social learning network that connects people who can teach with people who want to learn.
Whatever you want to learn, and whatever you teach, we’ll connect you to people near you (or online) who can teach or learn with you. And since it’s completely free, there’s no reason not to explore further…

Whilst creating an account with ‘School of Everything’ is free, those who want to teach or learn may want to charge. The big advantage is you can create your own personalised learning which fits around your lifestyle and other personal commitments.

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