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RSC-MP3: HE Update May 09 – Interview with Tomaz Lasic

This month I interviewed Tomaz Lasic, from Belmont City College in Perth, Western Australia. I first found out about Tomaz’s work last September when I was shown a series of demonstration videos (2 Minute Moodles) used to promote Moodle at Belmont (if you haven’t seen these before you should definitely check them out). In this interview we discuss how Tomaz has gone about integrating Moodle in his own class, which has been used as a model for wider adoption across the College. We  also touch upon some wider issues of student digital literacy, online security and personalisation of learning. [During the interview I refer to one of Tomaz’s recent blog posts ‘Best when human’]
Interview with Tomaz Lasic
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00:15 Tomaz outlines his role at Belmont City College – teacher, moodle admin, ict mentor
01:12 Tomaz explains how he has got staff to engage with moodle – using earlier adopters
01:52 Moodle part of a grander scheme to increase use of technology within the college
03:01 Tomaz used a pilot using feedback from his students to find a grounding
03:39 To use moodle really well you only need to understand 5%
04:12 Students didn’t help with the techical side. One of the most useful pieces of feedback from the students was to use moodle appropriately finding the right blend
06:00 Can’t assume students have the digital literacy – they have the breadth of technical skills but not the depth of knowledge
06:35 It’s the job of the teacher to turn the lifeless digital information into knowledge
06:57 Moodle was the spur and is allowing Tomaz to integrate more ‘web 2.0’
08:01 Types of moodle use. 4/5 teachers are using very well. Tomaz recognises it is a gradual process. He is keen that his colleagues are the one who explain the potential benefits of using tools like moodle
10:51 Tomaz finds students are very good at exploring how to use technology but are more naive when it comes to online security, digital footprint
12:55 Integrating these issues into teaching
14:46 The issues of a very well defined curriculum and personalisation
17:21 Expectation of students in what they want to study and learn – still a tough nut to crack
19:27 We don’t know the destination of where we are going with technology but we have a direction

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