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RSC-MP3: HE Update Apr 09 – Interview with Emma Purnell

This month Kevin interviewed Emma Purnell, Blended Learning Advisor at the University of Wolverhampton. Emma discusses her (many years) experience in the use of eportfolios as a student, lecturer, and staff support expert.  Emma also gives some very insightful and pragmatic advice for an organisational adoption of eportfolios for those who are just beginning to discover their enormous potential.

Interview with Emma Purnell [podcast][/podcast]
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01:35 Emma introduces herself
02:20 Experience of eportfolio as a student 
05:05 Emergent theme of eportfolio based learning – moving away from notion of a portfolio as only for PDP
06:00 Product versus processes – connectivism afforded by hyper linking
08:00 ePortfolio based learning and the new areas of exploration the technology is allowing
09:22 Teaching with something you are passionate about as a user
10:01 Researching student perceptions of portfolio
10:48 Currently part time PhD while working as blending learning advisor with expertise in eportfolios
12:04 Raising awareness of what is achievable using eportfolio
16:02 ePortfolio community at Wolverhampton has slowly grown over 5 years ot of the birth of PebblePad
17:49 Opportunities for using eportfolios include: getting eport pratice within policy or strategy gets a diffierent group of people who wouldn’t necessarily already consider it (need buy in from senior management);  0:20:04.3 strength in numbers, building a support community within your institution or local area
21:38 ePUG – eportfolio user group (this is a University of Wolverhampton user group)
24:02 Need more dissemination opportunities to share practice

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