By @mhawksey

Edison: Making your PC Greener

Screenshot of Edison As you plan your summer holidays I’m sure at the back of your mind is the environmental impact of hopping on a plane for some well deserved rest and relaxation. Intense media coverage has made us all aware of the impact travel, and flights in particular, has had on the environment. Whilst the aviation industry is often portrayed as the big bad wolf a sector usually overlooked is information and communication technology (ICT). There are now a number of reports which indicate that ICT is responsible for the same amount of global carbon emissions as the aviation industry (See Gartner press release). With this in mind if you are a Windows user why don’t you try Edison.
Edison is a free utility which helps you monitor and optimise your PC to reduce energy waste. By telling Edison when you use your computer the most and how much energy savings you want to achieve your system can be optimised. To make you feel all green on the inside you can also monitor your savings. Not convinced that small actions can have big impacts then get yourself over to the Carbonrally and see how much can be saved.
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