By @mhawksey

HEFCE’s framework for enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology

HEFCE has published ‘Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology – a revised approach to its strategy for e-learning’. This document replaces HEFCE’s 2005 e-Learning strategy. The notable change in this document is a move away from the narrow definition of ‘e-learning’ towards a wider notion of technology-enhanced learning.
Contained within the new strategy is a very good summary of evidence to support the benefits of learning technology (the majority of which we have highlighted in NewsFeed. This includes the UCISA survey of technology enhanced learning, evaluation of the benchmarking and pathfinder projects and students expectations survey)
The new strategy document also contains an update to suggested activity areas and strategic priorities which institutions might want to consider to enhance teaching and learning with technology. These are designed “to highlight those strategic areas where institutions may see a benefit from investing in technology, and to help institutions map those benefits to specific institutional goals, strategic plans, or internal documents”.
A table which summarises the work that JISC is currently doing in support of HEFCE‘s revised strategy (including links to further information and sources of support) has been prepared on the JISC website. Click here to view JISC’s activity areas in the HEFCE framework.
Click here for HEFCE’s ‘Enhancing learning and teaching through the use of technology’ document.

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