By @mhawksey

Panopto – Free Lecture Capture System

panoptoWould you like to be able to record your lecture, meeting or presentation to make them available via the web? There are a number of software companies who provide systems to simultaneously record your desktop, presentation and any audio/video, automatically merging the output into a single streamable web resource which can be indexed and archived for future reuse. These systems can cost thousands of pounds but one product, Panopto CourseCast, is being made freely available to selected educational institutions.
CourseCast was originally developed by Carnegie Mellon University and is now run as a commercial operation by Panopto. Carnegie Mellon are keen “to give back to academia in a manner in which [they] received benefit” and consequently are making CourseCast available to accredited academic institutions via their Socrates Project. If you would like to see what is possible with the CourseCast system you can see some of Panopto’s showcase examples here.
[Chris Warren at Williams College has prepared a short presentation on the benefits of lecture capture]

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