By @mhawksey

Demonstration of SocialLearn

I’ve been following the OU’s SocialLearn project with great interest. To date the only glimpse I have been able to get are of the OU Facebook applications. My horizon has been expanded today by a presentation by Martin Weller on George Siemens elearnspace blog. The full presentation, SocialLearn: learning about new ways of learning, includes an introduction to the project followed by a live demonstration of the SocialLearn portal (as invariably happens in these situtations the technology stumbled, but ever the professional Martin was able to cope). If you are just interest in the live demo jump to 41min 50sec.

[Martin also outlines some of the additional applications in development at 15min 00sec (Microlearner – twitter for education, Cloudworks – course design tool, cohere – making connections between ideas)] 

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