By @mhawksey

Becta – Handheld Learning Conference 2008

The Becta supported Handheld Learning Conference 2008 runs this year from Oct 13th-15th in London.
Potentially an interesting line-up of speakers, including David Cavallo MIT Media Lab and SL theorist danah boyd, plus the usual suspects (Stephen Heppell and Mike Sharples). LTS will also be flying the flag with ‘Spotlight Scotland’, showcasing best practice from north of the border. Further education is represented by the Learning Skills Council’s MoLeNET project, which is funding 32 mobile learning projects across 136 partner organisations in England.
If you are already doing doing innovative stuff with handheld learning you could always nominated yourself for an award. For more information on the award categories and how to nominate your project visit the Handheld Learning Conference Awards page.
[Did I mention that all delegates registered before July 31st receive a free Nintendo DS and game to keep and bring to the conference. Registration is £275.]

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